an epic of ancient India

mahabhara Star Plus Tv Show
Show Type : Mythological Show Timing : Created by : Swastik Pictures Writter :- Directer: Producer(s) : Production company(s) : Swastik Pictures


mahabharat is story about the police with an attitude of rebellion, Raute mahabharat who is the head of Task Force Emergency (ETF). Solve mysterious cases that involve research that nobody else can. Do not hesitate to break the rules of the system and only believes in getting the results to help the victim or the affected families. Be sensitive to victims and ruthless in the pursuit of criminals, mahabharat has earned a bad name for himself in the department and thinks it most likely candidate to head the Foundation. Is accompanied by a team of equally capable of the ETF, which does not always agree with his style of work though.


mahabharat, Sameer Rathod, Riya, Shrikant,


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